SANA LOGISTICS is establishing its operating culture around 4 pillars:

LOYALTY – loyalty to customers, the corporate mission, and each other in pursuit of the highest service levels in the industry. SANA LOGISTICS seeks to sustain a partner relationship with each customer.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – SANA LOGISTICS is the technological leader and continued development of new technology, systems and people is a critical focus.

PASSION – SANA LOGISTICS expects its employees and managers to be passionate about supply chain services and passionate about pleasing the customer.

COMMUNICATION – We value open and clear communication throughout the organization. The way we communicate with customers, suppliers and employees must always reflect clarity, transparency, honesty and timeliness.

what we offer sana logistics

Cold Storage
Dry Storage
Primary logistics
Secondary logistics


I have always recived good service from the Sana Logistics. Timing and quality have always met my expectation and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manners.

Our valuable clients

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