customer value

Cold chain experts with proven quality standards

  • The most experienced and successful cold storage team in the industry
  • Critical focus on customer service with sustained industry leading service levels
  • Continuous excellent relationships with key suppliers in the cold storage industry

  • Depth of operational and technical experience

  • Retained design / implementation experience with successful projects
  • 10 years of operational experience, a new site every year
  • Leading technology and operating standards
  • Care for environment; strive for minimal impact

  • Commitment to our integrated business model

  • Design, build, implement, operate, and sustain
  • Warehouse software, owned and managed, to support working standards, high service standards and a faultless interface with the customer

  • Integrated Transport and Distribution Solutions

  • Establishing a nationwide network
  • Building a fleet of own trucks and trailers and setting up partnerships with specialized companies
  • Consolidation using the cold stores network
  • Specializing in door to door frozen distribution
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